Our Vision

The Portland Printers Alliance aims to create connections to benefit the practitioners of letterpress printing and its educators, as well as the community at large. Printing is a deeply rooted human tradition that has shaped our society. We believe that it is increasingly important to maintain the traditional craft of printing as our society becomes more reliant on digital communication. This requires that all those involved in and inspired by this art form have a way to reach one other. When this is possible, the craft of printing can evolve to meet the needs of everyone inspired by its expressive power, and be used as a positive tool for the advancement of our entire community. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect the local community of presses and printers, artists, educational institutions, and book arts enthusiasts who collectively sustain the tradition of printing within the digital age and to foster creative exchanges through artist programs and events, education opportunities, and community programming in beautiful Portland, Oregon.  

 Portland Letterpress Printers Fair,          April 2016 - Design Week Portland

 Portland Letterpress Printers Fair,          April 2016 - Design Week Portland



We are hosting the 9th annual Letterpress Fair, with Design Week Portland on April 15th,

Hope to see you there!

226 SE Madison St, PDX


Board Members & Support Staff:

Daniela Ragan, Director

Camila Araya, Secretary

Emily Riley, Community Connections

Emily Montagno, Graphic Design